AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysremoved upstreamed patchLone_Wolf
12 daysapply patches to build with llvm17Lone_Wolf
2023-01-31removed obsolete dri-drivers optionLone_Wolf
2022-11-10use --no-pager to prevent meson configure from waiting for inputLone_Wolf
2022-11-02remove -D LLVM_INCLUDE_GO_TESTS=OFF , see
2022-10-06eemoved oboslete gallium-xvmc optionLone_Wolf
2022-09-24added provides & conflicts for lib32-mesa-vulkan-layersLone_Wolf
2022-09-10c++17 is now default, no need to force it anymoreLone_Wolf
2022-08-17force c++17 to fix build with latest llvm 16Lone_Wolf
2022-05-09coroutines updated by upstream to work with new passmanager, removed patchLone_Wolf
2022-04-30enabled videocodecs disabled in
2022-04-30added patch to workaround build failure coroutines.hLone_Wolf
2021-12-09patch merged to main upstream, removedLone_Wolf
2021-12-08patch applied from
2021-09-20patch included in upstream, removedLone_Wolf
2021-09-13hasParamAttr issue has been partially solved, edited & renamed patchLone_Wolf
2021-09-08patch added to solve build failure, see
2021-07-24upstream solved build failure, removed patchLone_Wolf
2021-06-18added patch to solve build failureLone_Wolf
2021-03-26adjusted to change in meson options for vulkan layersLone_Wolf
2021-03-03removed patch that has landed in masterLone_Wolf
2021-03-03added patchLone_Wolf
2021-02-22removed no longer needed lib32-vdpau dependencyLone_Wolf
2021-02-17corrected lib32-elfutils to lib32-libelf in dependsLone_Wolf
2021-01-09initial release by meLone_Wolf
2020-12-27fixVincent Grande
2020-12-12remove optimization 3Vincent Grande
2020-12-10osmesa trueVincent Grande
2020-12-09optimization 3Vincent Grande
2020-12-09initial uploadVincent Grande
2020-12-09initial uploadVincent Grande