AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-05lib32-waffle 1.7.2-1: new upstream releaseEmil Velikov
2023-03-02lib32-waffle 1.7.1-1: new upstream releaseEmil Velikov
2022-11-20lib32-waffle 1.7.0-3: demote libgl and libgles as optdependsEmil Velikov
2022-11-20lib32-waffle 1.7.0-2: assorted meson fixesEmil Velikov
2022-11-20Update the website URLEmil Velikov
2021-03-07lib32-waffle 1.7.0-1: upstream releaseEmil Velikov
2021-02-24lib32-waffle 1.6.3-2: use release build et alEmil Velikov
2021-02-24lib32-waffle 1.6.3-1: upstream releaseEmil Velikov
2021-02-24lib32-waffle 1.6.2-2: fixup (opt)dependency listEmil Velikov
2021-02-24lib32-waffle 1.6.2-1: add my key as validEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.2-1: add .SRCINFO changesEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.2-1: upstream releaseEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.1-3: explicitly enable surfaceless_eglEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.1-2: switch to the meson buildEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.1-1: use official tarball/sigEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.1-1: fix variable quotationEmil Velikov
2021-02-11lib32-waffle 1.6.1-1: add myself as maintainerEmil Velikov
2020-08-14Update to v1.6.1Yevhenii Kolesnikov
2020-01-23fix pkgrelYevhenii Kolesnikov
2020-01-23Update package informationYevhenii Kolesnikov
2016-09-27Remove optdepends. Depends already covers it.Ben Widawsky
2016-09-27Use correct depends (based on upstream package changes)Ben Widawsky
2015-08-26Bump to version 1.5.2Ben Widawsky
2015-06-11'Initial import'Ben Widawsky