AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-26Update to 0.164.r3095.baee400Alexandre Demers
2022-01-27Update to 164.r3081.19856ccAlexandre Demers
2021-10-27Update to 0.163.r3060.5db6aa6Alexandre Demers
2021-04-02Add a version restriction to be sure native and lib32 packages are in syncAlexandre Demers
2021-03-27Update to 0.161.r3039.544c61fAlexandre Demers
2020-08-13Update to 0.160.r3011.cde9a93Alexandre Demers
2020-06-28Reintroduce lib32-x264. Needed by other AUR packages.Alexandre Demers
2020-05-06fix compilation with LTO flagstelans
2020-04-15update .SRCINFOtelans
2020-04-15match 'x264' package versioning, disable avstelans
2020-01-24update package to 159telans
2019-04-09fix version errorMitchell Renouf
2019-04-02update to work with lib32-ffmpegMitchell Renouf
2019-03-05add makedep and downgrade version for lib32-ffmpegMitchell Renouf
2019-02-06update to version used by ffmpeg 4.1Mitchell Renouf
2018-09-02155.r0a84d986-3: Added the forgotten dependency to x264GordonGR
2018-08-19155.r0a84d986-2: TypoGordonGR
2018-08-18155.r0a84d986-1: Initial importGordonGR