AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-22Update to commit 8a4a2f25Benjamin Radel
2023-02-06shellcheck based updatesMarkus Kalb
2022-12-29Update libasdcpBenjamin Radel
2022-12-05Bump version to g825e475Benjamin Radel
2022-07-17Bump version to specific git commitBenjamin Radel
2022-05-16Update to libasdcp-cth to 0.1.6Benjamin Radel
2020-01-31boost dep version liftMarkus Kalb
2019-10-20https source download linksMarkus Kalb
2018-09-29 update to version 0.1.5Markus Kalb
2018-09-29 update to version 0.1.5Markus Kalb
2018-03-25 updates vor decpomatic 2.12.2Markus Kalb
2017-04-04fix dependency after Arch Linux upgraded to libxml++ 2.7 , we now use libxml+...Markus Kalb
2016-11-13version 0.1.3Markus Kalb
2016-11-13version 0.1.3Markus Kalb
2016-11-03fix .SRCINFOMarkus Kalb
2016-11-02Fix BUG in providesMarkus Kalb
2016-10-22Download-SRC-Fix: Source location changed in path (reported by peT)Markus Kalb
2016-09-14update boost dep to 1.61.0Markus Kalb
2016-07-08v0.1.2Markus Kalb
2016-05-16Bug fix for none multilib ... Bug: /usr/lib64 exists in filesystemMarkus Kalb
2016-03-140.1.1Markus Kalb
2016-03-14initMarkus Kalb