AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-28Update to 1.12.1-1yozi
2017-11-26Update to 1.11.0-1yozi
2017-11-26Drop LICENSE file. The Boost license is no longer considered 'custom'yozi
2017-11-26Update to 1.10.0-1yozi
2017-11-26Update to 1.9.7-1yozi
2017-11-26Update to 1.9.6-1 using the new upstream URLyozi
2017-06-23Update to 1.9.5-1yozi
2017-05-29Update to 1.9.4-1yozi
2017-05-01Update source array with new name of license fileyozi
2017-05-01Update to 1.9.3-1yozi
2017-03-06Update to 1.8.1-2yozi
2017-03-02Update to 1.8.1-1yozi
2017-02-11Update to 1.7.1-1yozi
2017-01-22Update to 1.6.1-1yozi
2017-01-13Update to 1.6.0-1yozi
2016-12-02Update to 1.5.9-1, grab source from version tag instead of master branchyozi
2016-09-29Update to 1.5.7-1yozi
2016-06-19Update to 1.5.6-1yozi
2016-04-10Update to 1.4.0-1yozi
2016-02-24Update to 1.3.4-1, add .gitignoreyozi
2016-02-24Update to 1.3.4-1, add .gitignoreyozi
2016-01-25Update to 1.3.3-1yozi
2016-01-07Update to 1.3.2-1yozi
2015-12-11Update to 1.3.1-1yozi
2015-09-22Update to 1.2.1-1yozi
2015-06-17Initial importjoel