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2021-08-06Fix linking to pdflib-lite libraryJiří Klimeš
AUR pdflib-lite creates rather than libcd upstream now uses an internal copy of PDFlib-lite and links against.
2020-08-06Lua 5.4 is now default in Arch Linux - update for thatJiří Klimeš
2020-08-06Update to upstream version 5.14Jiří Klimeš
2020-06-15Update to upstream version 5.13Jiří Klimeš
2020-02-13Make sure to link with Gtk3Jiří Klimeš
Upstream tecmake.mak makefile is kind of weird in guessing when to use Gtk2 vs Gtk3. It makes the decision upon the Linux kernel version. It chooses Gtk3 for Linux 4.x. Unfortunately it doesn't know Linux 5.x, and thus it defaults to Gtk2 for that kernel. So use USE_GTK3=Yes option to make sure Gtk3 is used unconditionally.
2020-02-13Do not use msg2 functionJiří Klimeš
It is an internal function of makepkg ans should not be used in PKGBUILD.
2020-01-27update .SRCINFOJiří Klimeš
2020-01-27bump pkgrelJiří Klimeš
2020-01-27Enable building with pango-1.44 (that now depends on harfbuzz)Jiří Klimeš
Upstream tecmake.mak is not updated with pango-harfbuzz-dependent stuff. So this is a temporary fix for tecmake.mak. This patch should be removed when the issue is fixed upstream. (No need to add harfbuzz as a package dependency, it gets installed via gtk3->pango->harfbuzz)
2020-01-27Fix build on updated kernel with not-cleaned-build-sourceJiří Klimeš
tecmake.mak creates lib directory named after a Linux version, like Linux420_64. When there was an older directory in source (e.g. Linux419_64), the install command tried to install files from both directories and failed with errors like: install: will not overwrite just-created '.../libcd/pkg/libcd/usr/lib/' with '.../libcd/src/cd/lib/Linux54_64/'
2019-01-11Use https URLsJiří Klimeš
2019-01-11Updated to upstream version 5.12Jiří Klimeš
2018-10-11Bump pkgrel to 2Jiří Klimeš
2018-10-11Fix MD5 sum for ftgl-2.1.5_Sources.tar.gzJiří Klimeš
The previous libcd version used the same ftgl-2.1.5_Sources.tar.gz tarball but from different place and it had a different checksum. ==> Validating source files with md5sums... cd-5.11.1_Sources.tar.gz ... Passed ftgl-2.1.5_Sources.tar.gz ... FAILED cd-5.11.1_Docs.pdf ... Passed ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!
2018-10-11Add missing 'lua' to makedependsJiří Klimeš
2018-04-25Add 'lsb-release' to makedependsJiří Klimeš
It is not vital for building the package on Arch Linux, nevertheless tecmake.mak calls lsb_release binary. So make the binary available to prevent errors like: make[1]: lsb_release: Command not found /bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found
2018-04-25Updated to upstream version 5.11.1Jiří Klimeš
2017-09-05Fix libcd package and also build Lua bindings as split packagesJiří Klimeš
- build Lua bindings for Lua 5.3, 5.2 and 5.1 as separate packages - create symbolic links required for lua modules to work properly - use Tecgraf-shipped ftgl library and link it staticly to libcdgl - adjust dependencies - remove old unused patches
2017-06-06correct package functiohaawda
2017-01-30correct lua pathStefan Husmann
2017-01-10fix in install and make stepStefan Husmann
2016-12-16add libim dependencyStefan Husmann
2016-11-20add lua51 libsStefan Husmann
2016-11-04updateStefan Husmann
2016-01-17fixStefan Husmann
2016-01-17AdoptedStefan Husmann
2016-01-17AdoptedStefan Husmann
2016-01-16Remove lieMika Attila
2015-06-19Update GitHub repo urlMika Attila
2015-06-19Initial commitMika Attila