AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-28upgpkg: libcec-git Girard
2016-12-01correct pkgver functionCedric Girard
2016-09-06libplatform is now p8-platformCedric Girard
2015-06-15libcec updated to 3.0.0 and python dep addedCedric Girard
2015-05-18tag libcec and libplatform as release build to get correct behaviourCedric Girard
2015-04-26libcec-git: switched to cmakeCedric Girard
2014-06-20libcec-git rebuildCedric Girard
2013-04-05libcec-git PKGBUILD migrated to new VCS styleCedric Girard
2013-03-25libcec-git updated to switch back to official lockdev pkgCedric Girard
2013-01-04updated libcec-git PKGBUILD with fPIC correctionCedric Girard
2012-05-15libcec-git: updated with new dependencyCedric Girard
2012-01-26New PKGBUILD: libcec-gitCedric Girard