AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-076.10.1Achmad Fathoni
2020-12-17add glu depacxz
2020-12-07[libdart] remove gitignoreacxz
2020-12-01[libdart] remove gitignoreacxz
2020-11-05add build opt deps to depsacxz
2020-10-18updpkg 6.9.5acxz
2020-08-31[libdart] updpkg 6.9.4acxz
2020-08-28[libdart] updpkg 6.9.3acxz
2019-09-28updated to 6.9.2acxz
2019-08-14freeglut is now optdepacxz
2019-06-30removed -j4acxz
2019-06-06upgraded to 6.9.1acxz
2019-05-27update to v6.9.0acxz
2019-05-27update to v6.8.5acxz
2019-05-11Installation now occurs properlyacxz
2019-05-06Moved doxygen out of make dependencies and updated dart to 6.8.4acxz
2019-05-02updated to latest dart version, disabled tests since one fails, updated depen...acxz
2019-03-01Fix testsmidgard
2019-03-01Add more optdependsmidgard
2019-03-01Use HTTPS for URLmidgard
2019-03-01Remove unused patchmidgard
2019-03-01Update to 6.7.3midgard
2019-03-01Use consistent indentationmidgard
2019-03-01Add gitignoremidgard
2018-05-27Disable checkingGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-05-27Fixed revision numberGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-05-27Updated to 6.5Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-05-08Update PageGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-30Revert "Fixed SHA256 checksum"Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-30Revert to stable versionGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-30Fixed SHA256 checksumGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-30Signed PKGBUILDGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-03-30Updated to version 6.4.0Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-02-26Test Build DeprecatedGPereira
2018-02-26Update to 6.3.0GPereira
2015-12-26Update IPOPT dependencyBenjamin Chrétien
2015-12-26Update IPOPT dependencyBenjamin Chrétien
2015-12-26commit_msgBenjamin Chrétien
2015-12-26commit_msgBenjamin Chrétien
2015-12-26commit_msgBenjamin Chrétien
2015-08-10Update to 5.0.1Benjamin Chrétien
2015-06-09A whole lot of updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-11-13Update some packages after Boost update.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-10-20the_platinum_searcher: add initial PKGBUILD.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-19libdart, fcl, ccd updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-19Add libdart, update gazebo, add gazebo-1.9, etc.Benjamin Chrétien