AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-07Bumped version to 0.19.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-09-05Bumped version to 0.19.0Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-09-03Bumped version to 0.18.6Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-06-16Bumped version to 0.18.5Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-05-11Bumped version to 0.18.4Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-04-12Bumped version to 0.18.3Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-02-04Bumped version to 0.18.2Paul-Louis Ageneau
2023-01-11Bumped version to 0.18.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-12-09Bumped version to 0.18.0 and changed license to MPL 2.0Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-11-24Bumped version to 0.17.12Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-10-08Bumped version to 0.17.11Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-08-24Bumped version to 0.17.10Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-07-18Bumped version to 0.17.9Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-07-03Bumped version to 0.17.8Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-06-13Bumped version to 0.17.7Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-06-08Bumped version to 0.17.6Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-06-04Bumped version to 0.17.5Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-05-24Bumped version to 0.17.4Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-05-06Bumped version to 0.17.3Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-05-02Bumped version to 0.17.2Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-04-20Bumped version to 0.17.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-04-15Bumped version to 0.17.0Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-04-15Bumped version to 0.16.9Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-04-08Bumped version to 0.16.8Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-03-22Bumped version to 0.16.7Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-03-09Bumped version to 0.16.6Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-01-29Bumped version to 0.16.5Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-01-07Bumped version to 0.16.4Paul-Louis Ageneau
2022-01-07Bumped version to 0.16.3Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-12-29Bumped version to 0.16.2Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-12-20Bumped version to 0.16.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-12-06Bumped version to 0.16.0Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-12-02Bumped version to 0.15.6Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-10-24Bumped version to 0.15.5Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-10-19Bumped version to v0.15.4Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-10-14Bumped version to 0.15.3Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-09-25Bumped version to 0.15.2Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-09-23Bumped version to 0.15.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-09-20Bumped version to 0.15.0Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-09-17Bumped version to 0.14.4Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-08-30Bumped version to 0.14.3Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-08-09Bumped version to 0.14.2Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-08-02Bumped version to v0.14.1Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-07-25Updated pkgdescPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-07-20Added architectures armv6h, armv7h, and aarch64Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-07-19Removed useless libsrtp submodule updatePaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-07-19Bumped version to v0.14.0, use external libjuice, and use CMake to installPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-07-18Bumped version to 0.13.5 and fixed include directoryPaul-Louis Ageneau
2021-06-14Bumped version to 0.13.4Paul-Louis Ageneau
2021-06-03Bumped version to 0.13.3Paul-Louis Ageneau