AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-28use more recent commitGuillaume Horel
2021-06-21disable some warningsGuillaume Horel
2020-12-19add back he cmake patch that was revertedGuillaume Horel
2020-12-18remove no longer needed patchGuillaume Horel
2020-12-18bump to 1.0.1Guillaume Horel
2019-12-06bump pkgrelGuillaume Horel
2019-11-08add git to makedependGuillaume Horel
2019-10-05version bumpGuillaume Horel
2019-06-27update makedependsGuillaume Horel
2019-06-20fix warningsGuillaume Horel
2018-08-31install fixGuillaume Horel
2018-08-31version bumpGuillaume Horel
2018-02-22initial importGuillaume Horel