AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-26Use the new 'make check' targetEric Biggers
2019-08-11v1.3Eric Biggers
2019-07-02Explicitly set the installation prefixEric Biggers
2018-12-23v1.1Eric Biggers
2018-06-14Oops, should update pkgverEric Biggers
2018-06-14Use the new 'make install' targetEric Biggers
2018-04-13Add git to makedepends() and drop replaces()Eric Biggers
2018-04-13v1.0Eric Biggers
2017-07-29v0.8Eric Biggers
2017-04-20Fix license field, update pkgver, and a couple cleanupsEric Biggers
2016-10-22Fix pkgver generationEric Biggers
2016-10-22Fix namcap warningsEric Biggers
2016-10-22Initial commitEric Biggers