AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-15use --no-pager to prevent meson configure from waiting for inputLone_Wolf
2022-09-10upstream changed options used by meson.buildLone_Wolf
2022-02-23switched to un-annotated tagsLone_Wolf
2021-08-15removed no longer used makedepeends, added correct onesLone_Wolf
2021-08-06source-uri changed: use default branch instead of master, also switched to gi...Lone_Wolf
2020-03-03corrected dependeciesLone_Wolf
2020-01-25updated maintainer email addressLW-archlinux
2019-12-21add timeout for tests to avoid unnecessary failure during check() on systems ...LW-archlinux
2019-07-03synced options with libdrm from extraLW-archlinux
2018-08-04removed some checkdepends to keep this consistent with lib32 versionLW-archlinux
2018-03-15updated SRCINFOLW-archlinux
2018-03-15removed valgrind from makedeps so mesa-git no longer needs it at buildtime. e...LW-archlinux
2018-03-08switched to meson for buildingLW-archlinux
2018-01-09use autoreconf instead of autogenLW-archlinux
2017-06-03removed replaces=LW-archlinux
2017-05-09switched from cunit to bcunitLW-archlinux
2017-04-05sed to remove phthreadstubs no longer neededLW-archlinux
2016-11-23changed pkgver functionLW-archlinux
2015-12-23first versionLW-archlinux