AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysUsing backup mirror repo until main repo is fixedcorey drew bruce
2024-04-01LibElectron 1.0.21-1corey drew bruce
2024-04-01LibElectron 1.0.21-1corey drew bruce
2024-03-04LibElectron 1.0.20-1corey drew bruce
2024-02-07LibElectron 1.0.19-1corey drew bruce
2024-02-07Reverting changecorey drew bruce
2024-02-07LibElectron 1.0.19-1gameslayer
2024-02-01LibeElectron 1.0.18-1gameslayer
2023-12-30Undoing accidental changegameslayer
2023-12-30Code changegameslayer
2023-12-06LibElectron PKGBUILD fix to resolve the copying issuegameslayer
2023-12-04LibElectron 1.0.17-1gameslayer
2023-12-01LibElectron 1.0.16-1gameslayer
2023-10-01LibElectron 1.0.15-1 - Updated Electron Castlab to 26.2.4+wvcusgameslayer
2023-09-16Added icu to package dependancies as certain Arch users were missing the depe...gameslayer
2023-09-04LibElectron 1.0.14-1gameslayer
2023-08-01LibElectron 1.0.13-1gameslayer
2023-06-04LibeElectron 1.0.12-2gameslayer
2023-06-01LibeElectron pkgbuild fixgameslayer
2023-06-01LibElectron 1.0.12-1 - Updated Electron Widevine to v25.0.0+wvcusgameslayer
2023-04-16LibElectron 1.0.11-1 - Updated Electron to 24.1.2 - Updated Electron-Castlab ...gameslayer
2023-04-05libelectron 1.0.10 - Updated Electron, Electron-Castlab and fs-extragameslayer
2023-03-18Libelectron 1.0.9-1 - Updated Electron to 23.1.4 -Updated Electron and Electr...gameslayer
2023-03-09Libelectron 1.0.8-1 - Added electron-chrome-extensions fs-extra to the depend...gameslayer
2023-03-08libelectron 1.0.7-1 - Updated electron dependancies to the latest version. El...gameslayer
2023-02-21libelectron - Updated Electron and Electron Castlab to latest version 22.3.0 ...gameslayer
2023-02-06libelectron 1.0.5-1 - Updated Electron and Electron castlab to 22.2.0 and 22....gameslayer
2023-01-24libelectron electron 1.0.4-1 package update- Updated electron & electroncastl...gameslayer
2023-01-12Libelectron 1.0.3-1 -Updated Electron to 21.3.4gameslayer
2022-12-15-Updated Electron Castlabs to v21.3.3+wvcus -Updated electron-context-menu to...corey drew bruce
2022-12-12Added git to the dependanciesgameslayer
2022-12-12Added git to the dependanciesgameslayer
2022-12-01Libelectron update -Updated Electron to 22.0.0 -Updated Electron Castlab to v...gameslayer
2022-11-26MAKEPKG changes to sort out npm dependencies by architecture, might do more c...Corey Bruce
2022-11-25-Updated Electron to 21.3.1 -Updated Electron Castlab to 20.3.6+wvcusgameslayer
2022-11-18pushing new dependancy package to AUR, changes will be made to my other softw...gameslayer