AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-01fix: conflict with new fprintdSteven Allen
2020-12-08update pkgrel in PKGBUILDSteven Allen
2020-12-08fix git submodule checkout patchSteven Allen
2020-10-28Apply suggestions from user @dlainhartDavide Depau
2020-10-20patch -N not -nDavide Depau
2020-10-19Do not checkout submodules in buildDavide Depau
2020-10-11Fix SRCINFODavide Depau
2020-10-11Pull submodulesDavide Depau
2020-10-11Use warning instead of coloring manuallyDavide Depau
2020-10-11Fix "readonly variable" usageDavide Depau
2020-10-09Print messages in redDavide Depau
2020-10-09Allow forcing vfs0097 patch offDavide Depau
2020-10-09Add workaround for vfs0097Davide Depau
2020-07-19Update dependenciesDavide Depau
2020-06-21Switch to vfs009x namingDavide Depau
2020-06-21Fix pkgverDavide Depau
2020-06-16Update to provide, libfprint=1.90Davide Depau
2019-01-15Update to Meson build and fix some minor detailsDavide Depau
2018-02-20Add libfprint-vfs0090 to "replaces" so it doesn't conflict with previousDavide Depau
2018-02-20Initial commitDavide Depau