AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-22add missing makedepsMichal Wojdyla
2024-06-16update optdependsMichal Wojdyla
2023-09-22even more cleanupsRogueGirl
2023-09-22change to python3 and some other cleanupsRogueGirl
2017-09-02update to 0.5.6Sven Schneider
2016-02-21update for python2 and python3Sven Schneider
2015-10-05download and include firmware for audioSven Schneider
2015-10-05workaround for python path and adapt vcs guidelineSven Schneider
2014-02-16[libfreenect-git] patches no longer requiredsvenschneider
2014-02-16[libfreenect-git] change the name of the include files to be patchedsvenschneider
2013-10-30[libfreenect-git] patch other include filessvenschneider
2013-01-03libfreenect-git: include python wrappers and enable audio by defaultSven Schneider
2012-10-31libfreenect-git: use https for download and updated dependenciesSven Schneider
2012-08-01libfreenect-git: fixed include path for cpp wrapperSven Schneider
2012-04-06added initial set of pkgbuildsSven Schneider