AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-25Remove executable perms from udev rule filejakob
2019-07-09Add missing .SRCINFO for 0.2.0.p1-2jakob
2019-07-09Fix jpeg-turbo dependencyjakob
2018-03-19Build e38cf32a4401b904c437fbfdb4051d0d75d9a79b and call it 0.2.0.p1.Maarten de Vries
2017-02-12Depend on ocl-icd instead of libcl.Maarten de Vries
2016-11-22Explicitly disable CUDA support.Maarten de Vries
2016-05-06Make sure udev rules are triggered before 70-uaccess.rulesMaarten de Vries
2016-05-05Set version to 0.2.0.Maarten de Vries
2016-04-28Bump to v0.2.Maarten de Vries
2016-03-25Uopdate to 0.2-rc2.Maarten de Vries
2016-03-11Compile with OpenCL support.Maarten de Vries
2016-03-11Bump to 0.2-rc1.Maarten de Vries
2016-01-29Update to v0.1.1Maarten de Vries
2016-01-27Correct version number to 0.1.0 instead of 0.1.Maarten de Vries
2016-01-27Update changed source checksum.Maarten de Vries
2016-01-21Update to v0.1.Maarten de Vries
2015-12-29Add email to maintainer field.Maarten de Vries
2015-12-22Remove commented lines from PKGBUILD (no pkgrel bump)Maarten de Vries
2015-12-22Fix runtime linking of Protonect binary.Maarten de Vries
2015-12-21Add contributor credits for original pkgbuild.Maarten de Vries
2015-12-21Update to v0.1-rc2.Maarten de Vries
2015-12-02Remove unneeded depends.Maarten de Vries
2015-12-02Initial commit.Maarten de Vries