AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-26Workaround python bindings packaging issueGreg Erwin
2020-07-19Replace linux dependency with linux-api-headers>=5.5Greg Erwin
2019-05-15Add help2man to makedepends arrayGreg Erwin
2018-11-30Add libgpiod to conflicts arrayGreg Erwin
2018-05-03Correctly enable python bindingsGreg Erwin
2018-04-29Enable support for c++ and python bindingsGreg Erwin
2017-11-04Bump pkgrelGreg Erwin
2017-11-04Change source uri scheme from "https" to "git"Greg Erwin
2017-11-04Switch upstream url/source to instead of GitHubGreg Erwin
2017-11-04Add all architectures supported by Arch Linux ARMGreg Erwin
2017-08-26Initial commit of libgpiod-gitOdysseusGE