AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-06Make usbmuxd-git an optdepend to avoid triggering dep cycle errors in AUR tools.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-02-03Update maintainer email address.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-01-10Add a runtime-only dependency on usbmuxd-git.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-01-10Update clone URL.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-03-26Monkey-patch openssl api incompatibility.Ivan Shapovalov
2015-03-13Automated: update to 1:1.2.0.r2.g1ff3448-2Ivan Shapovalov
2014-11-24Automated: update to 1: Shapovalov
2014-07-02Automated: initialized with version 1: Shapovalov