AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-15xorg-xinput optdependsVincent Grande
2020-12-16addVincent Grande
2020-09-12remove systemdVincent Grande
2018-11-10matched to official repo pkgbuildVincent Grande
2018-01-08Remove broken check stepJoel Teichroeb
2017-07-04Update build to use mesonJoel Teichroeb
2017-05-24Update makedepends to fix documentation buildJoel Teichroeb
2017-04-19Disable tests as they are now on by defaultJoel Teichroeb
2017-01-07Fix buildJoel Teichroeb
2016-12-30Update libinput-gitJoel Teichroeb
2015-11-24Update libinput-gitJoel Teichroeb
2015-06-08Initial importJoel Teichroeb