AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysVersion bump Alff
2021-01-23Version bump (RC2)Ted Alff
2020-12-26Update SRCINFO file (whoops)Ted Alff
2020-12-26Version bump (RC1)Ted Alff
2020-11-30Version bump Alff
2020-11-02Version bump Alff
2020-10-16Version bump Alff
2020-09-03Version bump Alff
2020-08-18Version bump Alff
2020-08-05Version bump Alff
2020-07-20Version bump Alff
2020-07-06Version bump (7.0 RC1)Ted Alff
2020-06-22Version bump 7.0 beta 2Ted Alff
2020-06-02Version bump beta 1Ted Alff
2020-05-14Version bump Alff
2020-01-10Version bump Alff
2019-12-13Version bump 6.4 beta 1Ted Alff
2019-09-14Version bump Alff
2019-09-04Version bump Alff
2019-08-09Version bump -- 6.3 final; will update again when 6.4 prereleases sta...Ted Alff
2019-07-20Version bump Alff
2019-06-30Version bump 6.3 beta 2Ted Alff
2019-06-05Version bump 6.3 beta 1. Upstream dropped 32 bit builds; package x86_64 only nowTed Alff
2019-05-26Version bump 6.3 alpha 1Ted Alff
2019-01-31version bump Alff
2019-01-20Version bump Alff
2018-11-24Fix typo, use find in package rather than a for loopTed Alff
2018-11-24Version bump beta 1. Tried to drop unneeded system dependencies of li...Ted Alff
2018-07-28Version update Alff
2018-07-28Version update Alff
2018-07-10Version update Alff
2018-06-01Update download linkTed Alff
2018-06-01Version update beta 1Ted Alff
2018-01-26Version update Alff
2018-01-15Version bump Alff
2017-12-26Verison bump Alff
2017-12-106.0 beta 2Ted Alff
2017-11-27Version bump 6.0 beta 1Ted Alff
2017-11-18Update Alff
2017-07-25Version update Alff
2017-07-10Version update Alff
2017-06-27Version updateTed Alff
2017-06-18Updated download linksTed Alff
2017-06-11Version update Alff
2017-05-20Version update: beta 1Ted Alff
2017-05-11Version Alff
2017-05-03Version update.Ted Alff
2017-04-15Version update. SKIP checksums.Ted Alff
2017-01-31Version update Alff
2017-01-19Version Alff