AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdate to Update to
2024-01-18Update to
2024-01-16Update to
2023-12-25Fix helppack for dsb and hsbtioguda
2023-12-25Fix source and dependencytioguda
2023-12-13Update to
2023-11-27Adjust descriptiontioguda
2023-11-27Add description for every languagetioguda
2023-11-27Remove missing helppacktioguda
2023-11-27Build only the desired languagetioguda
2023-09-13Version bump Alff
2023-08-16Version bump Alff
2023-07-13Version bump 7.6RC1Ted Alff
2023-06-24Version bump 7.6 beta 1Ted Alff
2023-06-03Add qtz langpackTed Alff
2023-05-24Version bump 7.6 alpha 1Ted Alff
2023-01-23Version bump 7.5 RC2Ted Alff
2022-12-31Version bump (7.5 RC1)Ted Alff
2022-12-16Version bump 7.5 beta 1Ted Alff
2022-12-06Version bump 7.5 alpha 1Ted Alff
2022-08-01Version bump 7.4 RC2Ted Alff
2022-07-17Fix source file names.Ted Alff
2022-07-17Version bump (RC1)Ted Alff
2022-06-15Version bump 7.4 beta 1Ted Alff
2022-06-15Version bump 7.4 beta 1Ted Alff
2022-05-23Version bump 7.4 alpha1Ted Alff
2022-01-30Remove asc files from the source array -- they didn't create them for Alff
2022-01-29Version bump Alff
2022-01-19Version bump (7.3 RC2)Ted Alff
2022-01-01Version bump Alff
2021-12-01Version bump Alff
2021-11-09Version bump Alff
2021-09-13Version bump Alff
2021-09-07Version bump Alff
2021-08-01Version bump (7.2 RC2)Ted Alff
2021-07-15Version bump Alff
2021-06-18Version bump 7.2 beta 1Ted Alff
2021-05-22Version bump Alff
2021-04-29Version bump Alff
2021-04-10Version bump Alff
2021-03-10Version bump Alff
2021-02-21Version bump Alff
2021-01-23Version bump (RC2)Ted Alff
2020-12-26Version bump (RC1)Ted Alff
2020-11-30Version bump Alff
2020-11-02Version bump Alff
2020-10-16Version bump Alff
2020-09-03Version bump Alff
2020-08-18Version bump Alff