AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-29updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2019-08-04updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2019-04-15updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2019-01-27UpdateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-10-06updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-07-06updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-04-20updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-03-29updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-01-08updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2017-11-02updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2017-06-29update to 3.8Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2017-04-20updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-12-29updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-10-01updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-09-25fix: add java-runtime to depends (as mittens2001 sugested)Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-07-04UpdateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-04-18updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2015-12-30update to 3.2Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2015-10-05updateKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-07-02update: .SRCINFOKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-07-02Update: 2.9.1-1 -> 3.0-1Krzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-07-02moving files, making space for additional scripts, aur4 and other stuffKrzysztof (3ED) AS