AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-17Added -Wno-error flag to fix build in current versions of GCC.Cedric Roijakkers
2023-08-14Updated to 4.12.Cedric Roijakkers
2023-06-02Updated to 4.11.Cedric Roijakkers
2023-04-13Updated to 4.10.Cedric Roijakkers
2022-10-24Adopted package and updated to 4.9.Cedric Roijakkers
2022-01-30autu: Update to 4.6-1Chris Severance
2021-11-13autu: Update to 4.5-1Chris Severance
2021-07-05autu: Update to 4.4-1Chris Severance
2021-03-27autu: Update to 4.3-1Chris Severance
2021-02-04autu: Update to 4.2-1Chris Severance
2020-12-04autu: Update to 4.1-1Chris Severance
2020-06-23autu: Update to 3.32-3Chris Severance
2020-05-20autu: Update to 3.32-2 issue 342Chris Severance
2020-05-20autu: Update to 3.32-1 Add git functionalityChris Severance
2020-05-19autu: Update to 3.32-1Chris Severance
2020-03-13autu: Update to 3.31-1Chris Severance
2019-08-26autu: Update to 3.29-2Chris Severance
2019-06-22Bump to 3.29Gomasy
2019-05-26Workaround: Disable DNSSECGomasy
2019-05-26Bump to 3.28Gomasy
2018-10-11Update maintainerGomasy
2018-10-10Bump to 3.2.7Gomasy
2018-10-06Remove -lfreeblGomasy
2018-10-06Insert USE_DH31=falseGomasy
2018-10-06[PATCH] ecdsa: don't include NSS's "blapi.h", no longer neededGomasy
2018-10-06Bump to 3.2.6Gomasy
2018-09-15unbound 1.8.0 rebuildGomasy
2018-08-27Revert "Remove USE_LABELED_IPSEC=false"Gomasy
2018-08-26Remove USE_LABELED_IPSEC=falseGomasy
2018-07-06Bump to 3.25Gomasy
2018-06-25Bump to 3.23Gomasy
2017-08-14Update libreswan to 3.21Alexandre Bique
2017-06-26Update to 3.20, but added a lot of -Wno-error=... we should have none ideally...Alexandre Bique
2017-02-23Update to version 3.19Alexandre Bique
2016-11-06Update with -Wno-error=sign-compareAlexandre Bique
2016-08-01Update libreswan to 3.18Alexandre Bique
2016-05-16Merge subtree 'libreswan'Patrick Burroughs (Celti)
2016-05-16Update SRCINFOPatrick Burroughs (Celti)
2016-05-16OverhaulPatrick Burroughs (Celti)
2016-05-16OverhaulPatrick Burroughs (Celti)
2016-04-24Bump to 3.17Alexandre Bique
2016-01-29Add flex and bison makedependAlexandre Bique
2016-01-05Update to 3.16Alexandre Bique
2015-10-21Add makedepends and conflictAlexandre Bique
2015-09-05Forgot to update the MD5Alexandre Bique
2015-09-05Bump to 3.15Alexandre Bique
2015-08-15Update .SRCINFOAlexandre Bique
2015-08-13update to 3.14Alexandre Bique
2015-07-28Initial importAlexandre Bique