AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-05Fix options when using frontends without core options API v1 supportOliver Jaksch
2019-08-02Add enhanced core optionsOliver Jaksch
2019-07-13Update libretro-common, cue sheetOliver Jaksch
2019-06-29Tupfile for super-reposOliver Jaksch
2019-02-22fixed CHD supportOliver Jaksch
2018-09-02add ability to run DSP on separate threadOliver Jaksch
2018-08-09Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-06-03support multiple BIOSes and the Japanese Kanji romOliver Jaksch
2018-05-05Various fixesOliver Jaksch
2018-04-21Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-04-02Bunch of updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-03-23Update some libretro-common headers, Remove unused headerOliver Jaksch
2018-03-23add CHD support and rework cd image loading / readingOliver Jaksch
2018-03-17Backport trapexit PROliver Jaksch
2017-12-23Minor updates, don't include .info anymoreOliver Jaksch
2017-10-29add travis build scriptOliver Jaksch
2017-09-17Update libretro-commonOliver Jaksch
2017-07-23memcpy needs a pointer, not pointer-to-pointerOliver Jaksch
2017-07-12Various fixes and updatesOliver Jaksch
2017-06-06Closing issue #29 - Graphics tearingOliver Jaksch
2017-06-02Add support for MODE1/2352 discsOliver Jaksch
2017-04-25UpdateOliver Jaksch
2017-02-18Bump up versionOliver Jaksch
2017-01-18Report git version with library_versionOliver Jaksch
2016-09-16Set group to libretroOliver Jaksch
2015-12-01Fixed Windows build and cleanupsOliver Jaksch
2015-12-01Fixed some warningsOliver Jaksch
2015-09-22More cleanupsOliver Jaksch
2015-08-29PKGBUILD: fixed license, added arch armv7hOliver Jaksch
2015-08-26Some fixupsOliver Jaksch
2015-08-26Import from old AUR, but updatedOliver Jaksch