AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-17Update libretro.hOliver Jaksch
2019-05-08Fixed dkong and dkong2 freezingOliver Jaksch
2018-11-18Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-03-17Update Makefile.android_armeabi-v7aOliver Jaksch
2017-12-23Minor updates, don't include .info anymoreOliver Jaksch
2017-12-12Release 1.6.2Oliver Jaksch
2017-10-29Version bump, Fixed controller popup appearing behind game spritesOliver Jaksch
2017-06-30Version bump and arious updatesOliver Jaksch
2017-06-12Re-initialize the layer counter when the game is reset or a new gameOliver Jaksch
2016-09-16Set group to libretroOliver Jaksch
2016-09-11Initial commitOliver Jaksch