AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-24Cleanup, Add persistent data buffer extension supportOliver Jaksch
2021-03-09Add optional low pass audio filter + remove unnecessary audio resampling,Add ...Oliver Jaksch
2021-01-05UpdateOliver Jaksch
2020-12-14Fix state loading, Merge pull request #52 from Sanaki/patch-1Oliver Jaksch
2020-10-08CleanupsOliver Jaksch
2020-09-24Update, remove unused variableOliver Jaksch
2019-10-12Merge pull request #46Oliver Jaksch
2019-08-26Add arm platformOliver Jaksch
2018-01-16close open entryOliver Jaksch
2017-12-23Minor updates, don't include .info anymoreOliver Jaksch
2017-12-12Add install and uninstall rules, Fix the logic error that was causing save st...Oliver Jaksch
2017-10-29add travis build scriptOliver Jaksch
2017-09-17Various small updatesOliver Jaksch
2017-08-27More Database updatesOliver Jaksch
2017-08-11Updated Various Database entries for additions and correctionsOliver Jaksch
2017-07-12Update libretro headerOliver Jaksch
2016-12-28Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2016-10-26Adding new game database entriesOliver Jaksch
2016-09-16Set group to libretroOliver Jaksch
2016-08-19Print error; Corrected licenseOliver Jaksch
2016-08-17Print errorOliver Jaksch
2016-05-26${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-05-24${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2015-12-01Fixed Windows build and cleanupsOliver Jaksch
2015-12-01BuildfixesOliver Jaksch
2015-08-29PKGBUILD: fixed license, added arch armv7hOliver Jaksch
2015-08-29Exit loop if an entry is found inside the databaseOliver Jaksch
2015-08-23Cleanup Makefile, fix ARM buildsOliver Jaksch
2015-08-14Import from old AUR, but updatedOliver Jaksch