AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-30version bumpTilman M. Jaeschke
2023-03-27added patch to remove splash screenTilman M. Jaeschke
2023-03-27updated PKGBUILDTilman M. Jaeschke
2023-01-31updated PKGBUILDTilman M. Jaeschke
2023-01-31updated .SRCINFOTilman M. Jaeschke
2023-01-31updated upstream urlTilman M. Jaeschke
2023-01-31forgot to add files ;)Tilman M. Jaeschke
2023-01-31initial commit of new libretro scummvm coreTilman M. Jaeschke
2021-03-19Addopted and updated to the last commitDaniel Menelkir
2017-12-23Minor updates, don't include .info anymoreOliver Jaksch
2017-12-23Update to v2.0, don't include .info anymoreOliver Jaksch
2017-12-12A bunch of updatesOliver Jaksch
2017-07-12pkgver fixedOliver Jaksch
2017-07-12Allow launching .scummvm files in game directoriesOliver Jaksch
2017-03-04Fix entering uppercase letters with keyboardOliver Jaksch
2017-01-14UpdateOliver Jaksch
2016-12-28Fix compilation on 32bit linux, Merge tag 'v1.9.0'Oliver Jaksch
2016-12-09Various fixes and updatesOliver Jaksch
2016-11-06Path to info files fixed; bug #50Oliver Jaksch
2016-09-16Set group to libretroOliver Jaksch
2016-09-05Update ScummVMOliver Jaksch
2016-07-14Add ScummVM rom file loading - see LIBRETRO_CMDLINE.mdOliver Jaksch
2016-05-31${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-05-26${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-01-18${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2016-01-03Enabled more game enginesOliver Jaksch
2015-12-23Revert Update to latest from ScummVMOliver Jaksch
2015-12-01${MSG}Oliver Jaksch
2015-10-03updates from scummvm gitOliver Jaksch
2015-09-22Merges and fixesOliver Jaksch
2015-09-01Initial commitOliver Jaksch