AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-30Adopt package from official arch packages to AURBohdan Mart
2020-05-19reproducibility rebuildFelix Yan
2019-09-15httpsAntonio Rojas
2018-11-09PIE/BUILDINFO rebuildEvangelos Foutras
2017-11-15Remove i686 from arch=()Evangelos Foutras
2016-08-04Add fix for gcc6Jan de Groot
2015-12-05C++11 ABI rebuildAllan McRae
2013-11-20remove static librariesAllan McRae
2013-10-30remove !libtoolAllan McRae
2012-02-17signing rebuildAllan McRae
2010-04-19Package more than a year oldDaniel Griffiths
2009-04-14Added arch tag, updated url, Added license, Added build patchEric BĂ©langer
2008-04-18Added svn:keywords to all PKGBUILDsAaron Griffin
2008-04-06Initial import of all packagesAaron Griffin