AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-13regen srcinfoCody Schafer
2019-10-21fix for doxygen changesCody Schafer
2019-08-31fix build with doxygen 1.8.16Cody P Schafer
2019-01-04ignore bad tagCody Schafer
2018-06-24updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2017-11-22updpkgAnatol Pomozov
2016-08-21Add missing dependenciesAnatol Pomozov
2015-09-16Forgot to remove the disable line and the AUR doesn't allow me to amend a com...David Manouchehri
2015-09-16Allow building with Python support.Vuokko
2015-09-08Use udev rules.David Manouchehri
2015-09-08Cleaned up version tag.David Manouchehri
2015-09-08Style update.David Manouchehri
2015-09-08Initial import from AUR3.David Manouchehri