AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-13Fix source URL, dependencies and add licenseChristoph Gysin
2021-05-10Update homepage to httpsChristoph Gysin
2021-05-10Update maintainerChristoph Gysin
2016-09-29add i686Christoph Gysin
2016-05-03add makedependsChristoph Gysin
2016-03-26enable jackChristoph Gysin
2016-02-04port changes from libsoundioChristoph Gysin
2015-10-24don't build unused stuffChristoph Gysin
2015-10-24set build type ReleaseChristoph Gysin
2015-09-27fix building latest git versionChristoph Gysin
2015-09-06Fixed typo in commentSahan Fernando
2015-09-06Created repoSahan Fernando