AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-18Update to 1.4.5Tricia
2022-11-27Update to 1.4.4Mike Swanson
2022-04-08Update SRCINFOMike Swanson
2022-04-08Update to 1.4.3Mike Swanson
2021-07-17Update to 1.4.2Mike Swanson
2021-01-04Add ffmpeg and sdl2 as depedencies. Thanks @LuckiMike Swanson
2021-01-02Update to 1.4.1Mike Swanson
2020-06-22Update to 1.4.0Mike Swanson
2019-11-26Update to 1.3.5Mike Swanson
2019-04-10What is with people not making new version numbers?Mike Swanson
2019-04-08Update to 1.3.4Mike Swanson
2019-02-101.3.3 was rereleased with the patch includedMike Swanson
2019-02-10Backport getenv() fix from upstreamMike Swanson
2019-02-09Update to 1.3.3Mike Swanson
2018-11-19Remove the custom desktop fileMike Swanson
2018-11-16Update to 1.3.2Mike Swanson
2018-11-03Add desktop entry, for GUI launchingMike Swanson
2018-11-01Initial libTAS PKGBUILDMike Swanson