AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-03Update to 1.18.2Andrey Vihrov
2018-01-24Update to 1.18.1Andrey Vihrov
2017-10-11Update to 1.18.0Andrey Vihrov
2017-10-02Update to 1.18.0-rc5Andrey Vihrov
2017-09-25Update to 1.18.0-rc4Andrey Vihrov
2017-08-25Update to 1.18.0-rc3Andrey Vihrov
2017-07-13Update to 1.18.0-rc2Andrey Vihrov
2017-07-10Add PGP signature checkAndrey Vihrov
2017-07-10Update to 1.18.0-rc1Andrey Vihrov
2017-02-16Make sure "make install" receives the same environment as in build()Andrey Vihrov
2017-02-16Simplify RPATH handlingAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-16Fix CPPFLAGS usageAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Split complex line for clarityAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Add check() functionAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Fix recursive makeAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Prefer user CFLAGS from makepkg.confAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Bump pkgrelAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Fix licensesAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Add vim modelineAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Pass LDFLAGS through existing EXTRALIBS variableAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Fix install problemsAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Append to CFLAGS instead of overwritingAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Style improvementsAndrey Vihrov
2017-02-15Update maintainersAndrey Vihrov
2016-07-11Separated build process from the package() function.James An
2016-07-11Removed unnecessary static library make commands and enabled inclusion of doc...James An
2016-07-11Fixed dependency list and simplified package() function commands.James An
2016-07-11Parameterized package name and changed other variables to derive from it.James An
2016-07-11Fixed source with official GitHub URL.James An
2015-11-17Added a basic .gitignore file to exclude typical upstream source files.James An
2015-02-14Fixed libtomcrypt license terms and added the upstream signature for its sour...James An
2015-02-13Added libtomcrypt from the AUR.James An