AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-20bump pkgrel=3: rebuild after last enhancementsMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-20remove myself from maintainersMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-20refactor: remove redundant glibc dependsMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-20fix: use linking and preprocessor flags (LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS)Marcell Meszaros
2022-06-20refactor: don't force-enable debug; only if that option is enabled for makepkgMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-20refactor: print some info during prepare(); adjust style and formattingMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-20refactor: trim version in providesMarcell Meszaros
2022-06-20fix: license is GPL2, not GPL (to be precise)Marcell Meszaros
2022-05-01add versioned providesMarcell Meszaros
2022-04-30add gitignoreMarcell Meszaros
2022-03-20cleanup and formattingMarcell Meszaros
2022-03-20fix versioning, build config, dependencies; don't link cppunitMarcell Meszaros
2018-06-25Amend dependency array and delete patch-file.aksr
2018-03-29Add patch for openssl [community].aksr
2015-10-06Update URL.aksr