AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-18Add cmake to makedependsAetf
2018-10-10Make pkgver to work with new vx.y.z tag namesAetf
2018-10-08Build with cmakeAetf
2018-03-30Add armv7hAetf
2018-01-03Switch to forked git sourceAetf
2016-03-17Use separate prepare() function, use msg2 rather than echoAetf
2016-03-17Update emailAetf
2015-12-11Fix typo in upstream urlAetf
2015-09-11Use 0.0.0 version for git packageAetf
2015-06-14Use 0.0.0 version for git PKGBUILDAetf
2015-06-14add .gitignoreAetf
2015-06-14Migrated from AURAetf