AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-04Use a relative path for LIBDIR to avoid problems with pkg-configFelix Kauselmann
2017-10-22Add support for tags to pkgver functionFelix Kauselmann
2017-09-01Switch unarr source to my (selmf's) forkFelix Kauselmann
2017-07-29Add cmakelist.txt to sources directly to avoid trouble with upstreamFelix Kauselmann
2016-02-02Fix licencse arrayFelix Kauselmann
2016-01-30Update pkgdescFelix Kauselmann
2015-07-10Fix library versioning bug in CMake build systemFelix Kauselmann
2015-07-10Remove fseeko.patch in preparation for upstream fixFelix Kauselmann
2015-07-08Add upstream url to PKGBUILDFelix Kauselmann
2015-07-08Initial importFelix Kauselmann