AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-27Add patch for Alff
2020-08-11Add libgtop dependency.Ted Alff
2020-06-07Version bump 4.15.3Ted Alff
2020-04-04Version bump 4.15.2Ted Alff
2020-01-18Version bump 4.15.1Ted Alff
2019-12-11Version bump 4.15.0Ted Alff
2019-07-30Version bump 4.13.7Ted Alff
2019-07-30Version bump 4.13.8Ted Alff
2019-06-30Version bump 4.13.6Ted Alff
2019-05-27Bump pkgrelTed Alff
2019-05-27Add xfce4-devel groupTed Alff
2019-05-18Version bump 4.13.5Ted Alff
2018-09-13Disable the enable-maintainer-mode flag that was preventing compiationTed Alff
2018-09-08Combine glade plugin into package. Drop gtk2 glade plugin.Ted Alff
2017-12-16Add provides and conflicts for the glade packagesTed Alff
2017-12-16Version bump 4.13.4. Add glade plugin packaging. Switch to git checkout to th...Ted Alff
2017-08-16Bumped libxfce4util dependency version to 4.13.0 to make sure introspection w...Ted Alff
2017-07-05Version update: 4.13.3Ted Alff
2017-06-26Version update: 4.13.2Ted Alff
2016-09-15Version update: 4.13.1Ted Alff
2016-06-16Version bump 4.13.0Ted Alff
2016-04-30No longer need install filetwa022
2015-07-28Initial AUR4 importTed Alff