AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-15Bump to 1.3.2 releaseSean V Kelley
2019-08-02Fix for gcc9 and -WerrorSean V Kelley
2019-06-24Update for release 1.3.1Sean V Kelley
2018-01-04Update libyami to release 1.3.0Sean V Kelley
2017-07-17pkgbuild: Bumped relversionSean V Kelley
2017-07-17pkgbuild: Updated SRC URLSean V Kelley
2017-05-29libyami: Release 1.2.0Sean V Kelley
2017-02-17Updated for 1.1.0 release of LibyamiSean V Kelley
2016-11-14Updated for 1.0.1 release of LibyamiSean V Kelley
2016-10-03Updated for 1.0.0 release of LibyamiSean V Kelley
2016-07-28Added libva-intel-driver and explicitly mentioned Intel VA-APISean V Kelley
2016-07-28Initial commit for Libyami 0.4.0Sean V Kelley