AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-02Fork From lightdm-mini-greeter AUR PackagePavan Rikhi
2018-11-01Update to v0.3.3Pavan Rikhi
2018-01-29Update to v0.3.2Pavan Rikhi
2018-01-24Update to v0.3.1Pavan Rikhi
2018-01-22Update to v0.3.0Pavan Rikhi
2017-07-14Update to v0.2.0Pavan Rikhi
2017-07-13Add Post-Install Message on Required ConfigurationPavan Rikhi
2017-04-19Update to v0.1.3Pavan Rikhi
2017-02-16Update to v0.1.2Pavan Rikhi
2017-02-16Fix Clobbering of Config FilePavan Rikhi
2017-02-16Add Git IgnorePavan Rikhi
2017-02-15Update to v0.1.1Pavan Rikhi
2017-02-15Update SRCINFOPavan Rikhi
2017-02-15Fix Binary DirectoryPavan Rikhi
2017-02-15Initial Package - v0.1.0Pavan Rikhi