AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-20updated to version 1.5.2Sam Burgos
2020-12-14updated to version 1.5.1Sam Burgos
2020-07-21updated to version 1.4.1Sam Burgos
2020-05-17updated to version 1.4.0Sam Burgos
2020-01-15updated to version 1.3.2Sam Burgos
2019-12-06updated to version 1.3.0Sam Burgos
2019-12-02updated to version 1.2.9Sam Burgos
2019-11-24updated to version 1.2.8Sam Burgos
2019-11-04updated PKGBUILD with minor changesSam Burgos
2019-09-09updated to version 1.2.7Sam Burgos
2019-07-10updated to version 1.2.6Sam Burgos
2019-07-02fixing version mistakeSam Burgos
2019-07-02updated to version 1.2.5Sam Burgos
2019-03-29added fix to compile on newer versions of valaSam Burgos
2018-12-13updated to version 1.2.4Sam Burgos
2018-11-27updated to version 1.2.3Sam Burgos
2018-09-21added patch from upstream to compile with newer versions of valaSam Burgos
2018-09-21added patch from upstream to compile with newer versions of valaSam Burgos
2018-06-27updated PKGBUILD and install to prevent direct changes to lightdm.conf fileSam Burgos
2018-06-26updated to version 1.2.2 and added new files for easy installation (ported fr...Sam Burgos
2018-05-22updated to version 1.2.1Sam Burgos
2018-05-20updated to version 1.2.0Sam Burgos
2018-01-04updated to version 1.1.4Sam Burgos
2017-12-10updated to version 1.1.3Sam Burgos
2017-11-26updated to version 1.1.2Sam Burgos
2017-11-07updated to version 1.1.0Sam Burgos
2017-10-27updated to version 1.0.9Sam Burgos
2017-06-19updated to version 1.0.8Sam Burgos
2017-06-13updated to version 1.0.7Sam Burgos
2017-06-06updated PKGBUILDSam Burgos
2017-05-30updated to version 1.0.6Sam Burgos
2017-05-29changes on PKGBUILD structureSam Burgos
2017-05-25updated to version 1.0.5Sam Burgos
2017-05-18updated to version 1.0.3Sam Burgos
2017-05-12updated to version 1.0.2, also updated dependencies to standarize between Arc...Sam Burgos
2017-05-05force the use of aclocal to install m4 files before calling autoreconfSam Burgos
2017-05-05updated to version 1.0.1Sam Burgos
2017-04-11Initial commitSam Burgos