AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-20Prevent post install loading bug in recent versions of lightdm.Noi Sek
2018-05-20Upgrade to version 2.2.2Noi Sek
2018-05-20Upgrade to version 2.2.1Noi Sek
2018-05-20Remove post-uninstall entirely.Noi Sek
2018-05-20Force remove existing theme files, do not attempt to reset config values afte...Noi Sek
2018-05-20Upgrade to version 2.2.0Noi Sek
2018-03-17Upgrade to version 2.0.1Noi Sek
2017-11-12Update package description.Noi Sek
2017-11-12Use the correct post-install config names.Noi Sek
2017-11-12Update .SRCINFONoi Sek
2017-11-12Update to v2.0.0Noi Sek
2017-03-17Update changelog.Noi Sek
2017-03-17Upgrade to 1.3.1 bugfix.Noi Sek
2017-03-17Update License to GPL3, upgrade to latest, require stricter lightdm-webkitNoi Sek
2016-09-22Update MD5 checksum.Noi Sek
2016-09-22Update .SRCINFONoi Sek
2016-09-22Update Aether to latest. Adds better support for wallpaper customization, fix...Noi Sek
2016-07-16Disable theme preservation, correct config typo.Noi Sek
2016-07-16Add Aether to the AUR.Noi Sek