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2021-05-23UpdateLin UX
2020-07-02updateLin UX
2020-05-15Correct pkgrelLin UX
2020-05-15Update to 20200501Lin UX
2020-03-24UpdateLin UX
2020-03-17Post install message indentLin UX
2020-03-17fix typoLin UX
2020-03-17End of transition.Lin UX
2020-02-17Correct optdepsLin UX
2020-02-11Indent with vimLin UX
2020-02-11Upstream had dropped python2 supportLin UX
2019-05-30updateLin UX
2018-10-19UpdateLin UX
2018-10-17UpdateLin UX
2018-08-15this time, descriptions...Lin UX
2018-08-15Release channel pacakge, reminds me of the good old days.Lin UX