AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-02update to Kernel 4.9.247muhviehstarr
2018-08-31update to 4.9.124Timo Sarawinski
2018-08-10updateTimo Sarawinski
2018-05-19Linux 4.9.100muhviehstah
2018-04-27update to Linux 4.9.96muhviehstah
2018-03-01Update to Linux 4.9.85muhviehstah
2018-02-11Update to 4.9.80muhviehstah
2017-12-31update to 4.9.73muhviehstah
2017-10-28updated kernel configmuhviehstah
2017-10-28update to linux 4.9.59muhviehstah
2017-08-29Linux 4.9.45 fixTimo Sarawinski
2017-08-29Update to 4.9.45Timo Sarawinski
2017-08-12Linux 4.9.42Timo Sarawinski
2017-07-26update to 4.9.39Timo Sarawinski
2017-06-29update to 4.9.34Timo Sarawinski
2017-06-19update to 4.9.33Timo Sarawinski
2017-04-28fixed typo in configTimo Sarawinski
2017-04-28changed to 64bit only - updated configTimo Sarawinski
2017-04-28update to 4.9.25Timo Sarawinski
2017-03-27update to 4.9.18Timo2
2017-03-24update to Linux 4.9.17muhviehstah
2017-03-06fixed wrong source and added patches for asus TransformerTimo Sarawinski
2017-03-06bump to 4.9.13 and added forgotten RTL8723BS driverTimo Sarawinski
2017-02-19bumped to 4.9.11 and added new patches. fixed config file. Boot should work nowTimo Sarawinski
2016-11-11fixed version namingmuhviehstah