AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-05Fix config sha512sumKyle De'Vir
2019-07-055.1.15Kyle De'Vir
2019-06-27Update patch sourceKyle De'Vir
2019-06-18Updated .gitignoreKyle De'Vir
2019-06-14Change branch to bcachefs-5.0Kyle De'Vir
2019-06-14Revert "5.1.8"Kyle De'Vir
2019-06-14Revert "Unset _makenconfig"Kyle De'Vir
2019-06-12Unset _makenconfigKyle De'Vir
2019-06-125.1.8Kyle De'Vir
2019-06-075.0.21Kyle De'Vir
2019-06-025.0.20Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-265.0.19Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-245.0.18Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-175.0.17Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-165.0.16Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-14UpdateKyle De'Vir
2019-05-14Stop 'git remote add' from complaining if arch_stable is already definedKyle De'Vir
2019-05-14Stop 'git remote add' from complaining if upstream_stable is already definedKyle De'Vir
2019-05-11Fixed configKyle De'Vir
2019-05-115.0.15Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-08Fix config checksumKyle De'Vir
2019-05-065.0.13Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-055.0.12Kyle De'Vir
2019-05-045.0.11Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-285.0.10Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-23Bring some sanity to the kernel nameKyle De'Vir
2019-04-225.0.9Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-195.0.8, Revert "FS#59688 - Install HTML docs"Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-12FS#42910: Enable TOMOYO and SMACKKyle De'Vir
2019-04-10RefactorKyle De'Vir
2019-04-095.0.7Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-07Revert no longer neededKyle De'Vir
2019-04-06Comment fixKyle De'Vir
2019-04-06Add '--no-edit' for 'git pull' and 'git revert' commandsKyle De'Vir
2019-04-06BCacheFS rebase, 5.0.6 patch, along with some additions from the linux-ck PKG...Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-055.0.6Kyle De'Vir
2019-04-055.0.6Kyle De'Vir
2019-02-284.20.13Kyle De'Vir
2019-02-244.20.12Kyle De'Vir
2019-02-174.20.10Kyle De'Vir
2019-02-084.20.7Kyle De'Vir
2019-02-014.20.6Kyle De'Vir
2019-01-274.20.5Kyle De'Vir
2019-01-244.20.4Kyle De'Vir
2019-01-22Track BCacheFS upstream master againKyle De'Vir
2019-01-174.20.3Kyle De'Vir
2019-01-144.20.2Kyle De'Vir
2019-01-124.20.1 with fixed checksumKyle De'Vir
2019-01-124.20.1Kyle De'Vir
2019-01-04Revert back to 4.19.12 for now, as 4.20 doesn't buildKyle De'Vir