AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
45 hoursLinux 5.5.15-930 from Clear 32760Alan Orth
3 daysLinux 5.5.14-928 from Clear 32750Alan Orth
4 daysLinux 5.5.13-925 from Clear 32720Alan Orth
9 daysLinux 5.5.13-924 from Clear 32700Alan Orth
13 daysLinux 5.5.11-922 from Clear 32670Alan Orth
2020-03-20Linux 5.5.10-921 from Clear 32650Alan Orth
2020-03-13Linux 5.5.9-918 from Clear 32600Alan Orth
2020-03-08Linux 5.5.8-917 from Clear 32550Alan Orth
2020-03-03Linux 5.5.7-916 from Clear 32510Alan Orth
2020-02-29Linux 5.5.6-914 from Clear 32480Alan Orth
2020-02-25Linux 5.5.6-914 from Clear 32390Alan Orth
2020-02-21Linux 5.5.5-911 from Clear 32370Alan Orth
2020-02-20Linux 5.5.4-910 from Clear 32360Alan Orth
2020-02-17Linux 5.5.4-909 from Clear 32340Alan Orth
2020-02-15Linux 5.5.3-908 from Clear 32330Alan Orth
2020-02-13Use BLAKE2 for hashesAlan Orth
2020-02-12Linux 5.5.3-905 from Clear 32310Alan Orth
2020-02-11Linux 5.5.2-903 from Clear 32280Alan Orth
2020-02-07Linux 5.4.18-902 from Clear 32260Alan Orth
2020-02-06Linux 5.4.17-901 from Clear 32250Alan Orth
2020-01-31Linux 5.4.16-900 from Clear 32220Alan Orth
2020-01-28Linux 5.4.15-899 from Clear 32190Alan Orth
2020-01-27Linux 5.4.14-897 from Clear 32180Alan Orth
2020-01-22Linux 5.4.13-895 from Clear 32140.Alan Orth
2020-01-16Linux 5.4.12-892 from Clear 32100.Alan Orth
2020-01-15Linux 5.4.11-890 from Clear 32080.Alan Orth
2020-01-12Linux 5.4.10-887 from Clear 32070Alan Orth
2020-01-08Linux 5.4.8-886 from Clear 32040.Alan Orth
2019-12-24Linux 5.4.6-883 from Clear 31790Alan Orth
2019-12-21Linux 5.4.5-882 from Clear 31960Alan Orth
2019-12-20Linux 5.4.4-880 from Clear 31950Alan Orth
2019-12-19Linux 5.3.4-879 from Clear 31940Alan Orth
2019-12-18Linux 5.4.3-877 from Clear 31930.Alan Orth
2019-12-11Linux 5.4.2-875 from Clear 31870.Alan Orth
2019-12-04Linux 5.3.14-874 from Clear 31790.Alan Orth
2019-11-28Linux 5.3.13-872 from Clear 31720.Alan Orth
2019-11-23Linux 5.3.12-871 from Clear 31700.Alan Orth
2019-11-19Linux 5.3.11-869 from Clear 31650.Alan Orth
2019-11-14Linux from Clear 31640.Alan Orth
2019-11-13Linux from Clear 31620.Alan Orth
2019-11-12Linux from Clear 31600.Alan Orth
2019-11-11Remove linux-clear from conflictsAlan Orth
2019-11-11Fix bug with Clear version variableAlan Orth
2019-11-11Adjust "provides" to match other kernelsAlan Orth
2019-11-11Indicate Clear Linux kernel revision in pkgverAlan Orth
2019-11-11PKGBUILD: Follow Arch Linux practices for pkgverAlan Orth
2019-11-11Changes for new kmod and mkinitcpio hooksAlan Orth
2019-11-11PKGBUILD: Explicitly specify name for kernel cmdlineAlan Orth
2019-11-08Linux 5.3.9-863 from Clear 31530.Alan Orth
2019-11-07Linux 5.3.8-359 from Clear 31520.Alan Orth