AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-26Version bump for releaseBen Widawsky
2016-08-26Pull the doc change from upstreamBen Widawsky
2016-08-24Update .config filesBen Widawsky
2016-02-25Update files for releaseBen Widawsky
2016-02-25Merge upstream config filesBen Widawsky
2016-01-17Update .SRCINFO for releaseBen Widawsky
2016-01-17upgpkg: linux 4.4-1tpowa
2016-01-17Revert "Don't bother storing Kconfig files."Ben Widawsky
2015-12-28Update for releaseBen Widawsky
2015-12-28Don't bother storing Kconfig files.Ben Widawsky
2015-07-12Update SHA sums for the config filesBen Widawsky
2015-06-12config: Enable preliminary HW supportBen Widawsky
2015-06-12config: Customize local version namesBen Widawsky
2015-06-12Merge with latest upstream linux PKGBUILDBen Widawsky
2015-06-12Initial importBen Widawsky