AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-15copy change of upstream URL from official reposVictor Dmitriev
2024-02-25Fix mistake of automatic .SRCINFO generationVictor Dmitriev
2024-02-23copy change of amd-ucode from official reposVictor Dmitriev
2023-12-20Disabled signature checkingVictor Dmitriev
2023-08-17Added changes from the official reposVictor Dmitriev
2023-07-01upgpkg: Added changes from the official reposVictor Dmitriev
2022-12-15Add a change from official repoVictor Dmitriev
2022-06-02fixed the patch to keep up with upstreamVictor Dmitriev
2022-02-04added a patch to not call `makepkg -Cc`Victor Dmitriev
2022-01-22Package splitVictor Dmitriev
2020-04-07upgpkg: linux-firmware-git 20200320.edf390c-1Victor Dmitriev
2019-09-17upgpkg: linux-firmware-git 20190909.6c6918a-1Victor Dmitriyev
2019-01-26upgpkg: linux-firmware-git 20190118.a8b75ca-1Victor Dmitriyev
2015-09-27upgpkg: linux-firmware-git 20150924.f88e5c2-2Victor Dmitriyev
2015-09-27upgpkg: linux-firmware-git 20150924.f88e5c2-1Victor Dmitriyev
2015-06-09Adopted package. Edited PKGBUILD to match one in ABS.MRWITEK