AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-17Added aarch64 as supported architectureSpyros Stathopoulos
2023-07-20Update upstream to 4.3.6Spyros Stathopoulos
2022-09-07Update to 4.3.5Spyros Stathopoulos
2022-05-25Fixes for kernel 5.17Spyros Stathopoulos
2021-02-04Update to v4.3.4Spyros Stathopoulos
2020-05-17Update to v4.3.3 with proper .SRCINFOSpyros Stathopoulos
2020-05-17Update to v4.3.3Spyros Stathopoulos
2019-09-08Properly detect DKMS kernel versionSpyros Stathopoulos
2019-09-06Update to v4.3.0Spyros Stathopoulos
2018-11-07Fix a syntax error in dkms.confSpyros Stathopoulos
2018-11-07Update to v4.2.0Spyros Stathopoulos
2018-01-07Also remove .ko.xz filesSpyros Stathopoulos
2017-10-06Update to v4.1.0Spyros Stathopoulos
2017-09-30Update to 4.0.4rc3Spyros Stathopoulos
2017-05-26Update for linux 4.11Spyros Stathopoulos
2017-03-22Fix missing PYTHON environment variable during dkms buildSpyros Stathopoulos
2017-02-23Update to 4.0.4rc2Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-05-08Build the module against $kernelver instead of $(uname -r)Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-04-22Update to 4.0.3Spyros Stathopoulos
2016-03-14Initial commitSpyros Stathopoulos