AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 days4.19.113Daniel Tobias
10 days4.19.112Daniel Tobias
2020-03-184.19.111Daniel Tobias
2020-03-124.19.109Daniel Tobias
2020-03-084.19.108Daniel Tobias
2020-03-014.19.107Daniel Tobias
2020-02-24ignore PGP keys for now, signatures dont appear to be available for 4.19 patc...Daniel Tobias
2020-02-244.19.106Daniel Tobias
2020-02-204.19.105Daniel Tobias
2020-02-16update to 4.19.104, use kernel base package and update only patch level. savi...Daniel Tobias
2020-02-13initial commitDaniel Tobias