AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-09Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2024-05-09fix build errorfokx
2023-05-07Update config to match linux v6.3.1-arch1David Cohen
2023-02-27add tags when fetching remoteDavid Cohen
2023-02-27fix compilation issue with setlocalversionDavid Cohen
2023-02-22fix packaging problem if CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF is disabledDavid Cohen
2023-02-21Update config file to match linux v6.2-arch1 and fix compilationDavid Cohen
2022-05-24Update config file to match linux v5.18-arch1David Cohen
2022-05-14Add more inline documentation to remote fileDavid Cohen
2022-05-14Update config file to match linux v5.17.6-arch1David Cohen
2022-04-21Update config file to match linux v5.17.4-arch1David Cohen
2022-04-21Fix REMOTE_URL variableDavid Cohen
2022-04-21add support for extra user configsDavid Cohen
2022-03-27update config file to match linux v5.17.0-arch1David Cohen
2022-03-20Add support for persistent user custom config fileDavid Cohen
2022-03-14update config file to match linux v5.16.14-arch1David Cohen
2022-03-06Update configDavid Cohen
2022-02-28Initial commitDavid Cohen