AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
36 hoursSync with ArchPiotr Gorski
8 daysPort more changes from linux trunkPiotr Gorski
9 daysUse a more readable timestampPiotr Gorski
10 daysSync with ArchPiotr Gorski
13 daysChanges for new kmod and mkinitcpio hooksPiotr Gorski
14 daysDisable CONFIG_RMI4_F54pPiotr Gorski
2019-10-26Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-10-21FS#55784 enable google modulesPiotr Gorski
2019-10-11CleanupPiotr Gorski
2019-10-11Removal of extramodulesPiotr Gorski
2019-10-08.tmp_versions (aka MODVERDIR) was dropped in 5.3Piotr Gorski
2019-10-04Fix buildPiotr Gorski
2019-10-04Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-10-04Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-09-25Add 0001-ZEN-Add-sysctl-and-CONFIG-to-disallow-unprivileged-C.patchPiotr Gorski
2019-09-20Bump to 5.3.yPiotr Gorski
2019-08-26Fix localmodcfgPiotr Gorski
2019-08-26Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-08-07Drop unneeded patchPiotr Gorski
2019-08-07Correct a typoPiotr Gorski
2019-07-31Update 5.2-nextPiotr Gorski
2019-07-28Update dependsPiotr Gorski
2019-07-23Update arch-patchesPiotr Gorski
2019-07-23Update 5.2-nextPiotr Gorski
2019-07-15Enable HTML docsPiotr Gorski
2019-07-11Add 5.2-nextPiotr Gorski
2019-06-24Update 5.1-archPiotr Gorski
2019-06-12Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-06-04Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-04-28Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-04-13Revert FS#59688 - Install HTML docsPiotr Gorski
2019-03-20Update configPiotr Gorski
2019-02-23Improve pkgver()Piotr Gorski
2019-02-06Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2019-01-15Improve _localmodcfgPiotr Gorski
2018-12-02Improve localmodcfgPiotr Gorski
2018-12-01Improve 99-linux.hookPiotr Gorski
2018-11-28Make lib/modules/*/vmlinuz a copy instead of a linkPiotr Gorski
2018-11-27CleanupPiotr Gorski
2018-11-25CleanupPiotr Gorski
2018-11-25CleanupPiotr Gorski
2018-11-25CleanupPiotr Gorski
2018-11-24Improve localmodcfgPiotr Gorski
2018-11-22Add vmlinuz symlink for systemdPiotr Gorski
2018-11-15Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2018-06-11Cleanup && updatePiotr Gorski
2016-12-01UpdateTimofey Titovets
2016-11-29Add missing 99-linux.hook to sourceTimofey Titovets
2016-11-27UpdateTimofey Titovets